The Double Springs Ranch began its cattle production twenty-four years ago with a herd of short legged Black Brangus.  We originally crossed with a young Brangus bull for three years before buying a beautiful Red Bromasine Bull.  We traded bulls with the 7-R ranch in Yancy, Texas for a registered Black Brangus bull.  Bryan May of Angelo State University has provided us with three beautiful Black Brangus bulls that have been our studs for the last 10 years.  Due to the abnormal drought conditions in the Texas Hill Country in 2011, we currently run 8 head of cows and sell the calves every year.  This is a family owned business that is proud of our results and our genetics.

We just recently conducted our annual "marking" of the cows over Memorial Day.  Thanks to the whole family including Preston and Emma for providing the most help and entertainment!

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Cattle Archived Pictures